Camping Recipes and Camping Guide
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What is an ebook?
An Ebook is in digital format so that you can download it to your computer and read and print it almost instantly.  You do not have to wait for a book to be mailed to you.  You can use the information immediately.

Will it work on my computer?
Yes, the ebook and all the bonuses are in pdf format, and can be read on PCs and on MACs.

Is it easy to download an ebook, I've never done that before?
Yes, it's easy to do.  It's just a matter of clicking on a link and saving it to your computer.  After you have paid, you are sent immediately to the page where you can download everything.  If you have any problems you can email me for assistance.

How many pages are in the Ebook?
The Ultimate Campfire Kitchen and Camping Guide has over 300 pages, and contains 580 recipes for camping, including camping tips and a camping equipment guide.

What is the Ultimate Campfire Kitchen and Camping Guide?
The Ultimate Campfire Kitchen and Camping Guide was created for beginners and experienced campers.  You'll discover things like how to never have another cooking disaster again, how to never forget another thing the next time you go camping, and how to be 100% prepared to handle any camping disaster that comes along.  It teaches you how to be prepared for your camping trip.

I think I know all there is to know about camping, why will I need this ebook?
The Ultimate Campfire Kitchen and Camping Guide contains two important sections:  How to plan ahead for your camping trip to ensure it is a surefire success each and every time, meanwhile keeping your friends and family well-fed and running at their peak at all times, while they enjoy easy and delicious family camping meals from the recipes included.  I spent over 100 hours researching the web online and libraries offline so that YOU don't have to!

Is it safe to order online with my credit card?
Yes, we don't even see your credit card information, only Clickbank does, the company that processes the credit card.  They have processed millions of orders online and are a secure server.

What if I don't like my purchase?
We offer a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisified.

Can I promote The Ultimate Campfire Kitchen and Camping Guide?
Yes.  We have an affiliate program that pays 60% commissions every two weeks.   Please see this page:   You can promote this ebook on your website, in your newsletter, in your articles, and other ebooks.  It's a great way to create residual income online.


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